Lithuanian Society of Biotechnologists was established in year 1991 at Vilnius University by initiative of prof. Antanas Glemža. Lithuanian Society of Biotechnologist considered to be the roots of LBTA.

1994 - 1997

In 1994 Lithuanian Society of Biotechnologists consisted of 64 members, and in 1995 Society became a member of European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). Society organized international events: “Biotechnology and dairy industry: (1996.10.22 Vilnius), conference “Carbohydrate processing” (1997.10.23-25 Druskininkai).
1998 - 2003

In later years, the activities of Lithuanian Society of Biotechnologist have stopped due to various reasons. Still some Society members actively participated in EFB events.


Lithuanian biotechnology association (LBTA) was established in 2003. Founders held a meeting on October 14th, 2003 in the Institute of Biotechnology and consisted of 19 Lithuanian biotechnology specialists: E. Baškys, V. Butkus, G. Dienys, S. Grigiškis, A.E. Janulaitis, S. Klimašauskas, J. Kulys, D. Levišauskas, A. Lubys, R. Meškys, A. Pauliukonis, V. Razumas, K. Sasnauskas, V. Stanys, V. Šikšnys, A.V. Tamošiūnas, A. Valickas, G. Valinčius, A. Žvirblienė. First elected president of LBTA was prof. Algimantas Pauliukonis, director of the Institute of Biotechnology, vice-president prof. Gervydas Dienys. LBTA registered in Lithuanian Registry of Legal Entities and received beneficiary status.

2007 - 2008

First legal members (Institute of Biotechnology and Institute of Biochemistry) joined LBTA in 2007-2008.