Every day, news of ideas, new innovations and discoveries from the scientific world reaches researchers from different fields of biosciences. The development of such projects takes much longer than one night and requires long and consistent work and effort. After some time and success, scientists starts thinking about creating a business or transferring the technology, but usually does not know where to start and who to turn to first. In many cases, the business process starts with the creation of a genious idea and a business plan.

On this page you will find relevant information related to the creation, development and financing opportunities of a startup in the biosciences sector. We encourage you to pay attention not only to fixed but also changing financing measures and international projects. All of the relevant information on thisi page is constantly updated.

How to realize the idea before launching the product to the market, we summarized it in the following diagram:

Research and innovation may be financed by the following measures:

MeasurePurposeProject durationAmount of fundingIntensity of fundingApplication deadline
InostartCreation and development of innovative enterprisesStart-up projects up to 12 months

Recruitment projects for researchers up to 24 months

Innovative business development projects up to 18 months
Development of the idea ~ 30-34k EUR.

Recruitment of researchers/scientists ~ 51k EUR.

Product development ~ 44-52k EUR.

80%, 90%.

Project related to COVID-19 – 100%
Until 2020-09-30
InocheckBusiness and Science Cooperation12-24 monthsUp to 76k EUR.25-70% Until 2020-09-30
InopatentasTo protect intellectual propertySee invitation descriptionUp to 30k EUR.Up to 95%Until 2020-11-30, 16:00
Horizon 2020To promote international cooperationSee invitation descriptionSee invitation descriptionUp to 100%See invitation description
Eurostars 2Support for small and medium-sized enterprisesSee invitation descriptionUp to 300k EUR.40-100%Until 2020-09-03
EurekaCommercialisation of innovation and internationa lismSee invitation descriptionUp to 300k EUR.See invitation descriptionSee invitation description
MTEPCommercialisation of scientific research outcomes15 + 6 monthsUp to 100k EUR.100%II stage until iki 2020-09-21, 16:30
EIT healthPromoting innovation in the health sectorSee invitation descriptionSee invitation descriptionSee invitation descriptionAnnual call
Norway GrantsPromoting the
small and medium-sized enterprises
Small projects 18 months

Major projects 36 months
Small projects: from 10k EUR, up to 200k EUR.

Major projects: from 200k EUR, up to EUR 1 million
25-80% or 35-50% by activitySee invitation description
Europe Horizon 2030See invitation descriptionSee invitation descriptionSee invitation descriptionSee invitation descriptionSee invitation description
IMISupport for new health technology innovationsSee invitation descriptionSee invitation descriptionSee invitation description2020-09-30

You can find more information about business creation and development in Lithuania: MITA, Enterprise Lithuania, Invest in Lithuania and Startup Lithuania.